Probably the most overused and abused word these days. It’s a word that can invoke awe, praise, fear, confusion and wonder all in one. My most recent “millennial moment” was when I realized that I was talking to an HR Coach about hiring, managing, and working with millennials only to do the math and figure out that this 30 plus year old was a millennial himself. They’re everywhere! Although I am proud of the fact that 30% of the Aurora team are millennials, it doesn’t come without some challenges. We have to quickly adapt to a new style, literally. It also keeps the rest of us on our toes for fear of appearing “old fashioned”, a phrase branded by millennials when you don’t agree with their options.  I look at Millennials as disrupters. Nothing is sacred and therefore everything is open to be tested, challenged, and changed.

Our world of Cyber Security has seen its own recent influx of disruptors. Day by day, new threats are discovered which influence the way we go about protecting our data. While a certain product may be industry standard one day, it could easily be rendered obsolete by a new type of security threat the very next day. Take Ransomware for example, a rising threat that has cyber security providers scrambling for an answer. Our data security environment is always changing, whether it is due to innovation in technology, new laws or compliance mandates, evolving threats, etc. That is why we must remain vigilant. In a world ruled by disruption, we must make sure to never succumb to being “old fashioned”. Instead, remain informed and on the offense, constantly seeking out and analyzing agents of change within our external and internal environment. While our generation may stand to learn a thing or two from Millennials, one of the biggest lessons we can take away is that nothing is sacred and everything can be challenged, changed, tested and disrupted. Stay on top of your game!