It’s the end of the year and time for one last piece of wisdom. We all know the now infamous definition of insanity – “Doing the same thing again and again, expecting different results”. Yet millions make the same new year resolutions repeatedly! And this got me thinking of ways to break the cycle…
If I put a group of contemporaries in a room and ask them to agree on a list of people who left a mark in history in the last century I would get names like Gandhi, Mandela, Edison, Ford a couple of Popes and maybe even the likes of Hitler and Bin Laden.
On giving this some thought, I find that the common denominator between these names is that we are all very clear about what they stood for and therein lies a lesson for us.
Be clear on what you stand for.
Sure it could a couple of things, but the clearer you are the greater your chances of success.
Yes, you can change it, often, as you build your careers and lives and less as you grow older Keep it clear succinct and uncomplicated. This is you elevator pitch on what you stand for.
Look at it, learn it, recite it and state it often. Soon you will live it.
Seek alignment from everyone around you. Parents, siblings, family, friends, coworkers, peers and even the mailman. The more people around you are clear about what you stand for, the greater their alignment with you and the more they empower your success.
Imagine a world where family “gets you”, you achieve success in attaining your goals, you are accountable, successful and teams align around you.
It all starts with keeping the main thing the main thing!

Merry Christmas and A Happy 2017