I have often related the anecdote of the quintessential  New York Vendor, who armed with an early morning weather report, shows up on a busy street corner to sell umbrellas marked up 300%, to tourist caught unawares of a sudden change in weather. Many would argue that this is a typical case of Economics 101, being at the right place, at the right time with the right product allows one to command the right price. A mantra older than Keynesian Economics itself. All true until the advent of technology, soon the aforementioned unsuspecting tourist can amazon® drone her favorite polka dot umbrella within minutes!

The case in point is something @tiffanybova often talked about – it is all about the Customer Experience. Our Customers are clearly telling us what they want. The companies that do “listen” and adjust are the ones that will experience exponential growth. Change need not always be technology centric, @lindseyweigle makes a great point about too much technology and not enough listening,  in her recent article “Get Your Own Damn Diet Coke”

Are you listening?